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  • Learn Fish Identification as a beginner
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The Simple Fish Identification Guide

Are you looking for a way to learn about ocean fish identification? Underwater Spotter's Ocean Life Guides will teach you the top 50 saltwater fish commonly found in different locations such as Florida, Cozumel, Bonaire, California, Hawaii, Fiji and more! You will learn tricks to identify fish families and species, where in the reef to find them and learn about their fun fishy behaviors. These guides will give you a whole new purpose for being underwater, they are designed for you to check off each fish as you spot it. With these guides, you will be come a true "Underwater Spotter" 🐠 👀.

  • belize underwater spotter and smiling female customer

    "As a new diver on my first big scuba trip, the Underwater Spotter Belize Ocean Life Guide proved to be invaluable! By using the fun fish facts and studying the amazing pictures I was able to easily and consistently identify over 40 fish throughout my trip, with my favorite by far being the Indigo Hamlet".

    - Taylor R

    See Belize Guide 
  • florida underwater spotter and female customer kissing the book

    "I've had such a blast learning about the fun fish facts in this book! It has taught me to look for things underwater that I never would have noticed before. The family pages in this guide are also very helpful with learning how to identify a new fish easily.

    See Florida guide 
  • california underwater spotter and smiling male customer holding book

    "The Underwater Spotter guide made it very easy to explain what we had just seen, and give us goals for what kind of fish we wanted to look for on the next dive. I thought I knew a lot about fish, but this guide taught me so much and was a blast to read".

    - Ed N

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