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Underwater Spotter

California Ocean Life Guide

California Ocean Life Guide

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🐠 A fun way to learn about the top 50 local fish.

🐡 Learn about phenomenal fish behavior you've never heard of before.

🐟 Understand how to identify fish families with easy tricks.

🦈 We challenge you to find ALL 50 fish in the guide.

🐳 Perfect for ocean enthusiasts of all ages.

🌊 Splash resistant cover so it's ready to travel wherever you go.

🐙 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns.

🌎 We donate 10% of profits to ocean charities.

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Customer Reviews

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Just what I was looking for!

I am a new diver, and I was immediately taken by the fun of wildlife identification, but I have struggled to find a good resource for beginners. The books I found were either a collection of specific fish, or these encyclopedic tomes that were just too much, at least for now. These little books focus on the categories of fish and the main characteristics to look for. I found it super helpful to start by sorting my little fish friends into categories, and then if the specific fish I saw wasn't in the book, I had a MUCH easier time researching them further, because I was able to figure out what category of fish they were. Additionally, while I had a minor issue with the shipment of my first books, the mistake was taken care of immediately and cheerfully. I'll definitely be purchasing the rest of the series as I get to explore further!