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Underwater Spotter

Belize Ocean Life Guide

Belize Ocean Life Guide

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🐠 A fun way to learn about the top 50 local fish.

🐡 Learn about phenomenal fish behavior you've never heard of before.

🐟 Understand how to identify fish families with easy tricks.

🦈 We challenge you to find ALL 50 fish in the guide.

🐳 Perfect for ocean enthusiasts of all ages.

🌊 Splash resistant cover so it's ready to travel wherever you go.

🐙 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns.

🌎 We donate 10% of profits to ocean charities.

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Customer Reviews

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Joel P.
Great gift

Bought this as a gift for someone about to go dive Belize for the first time and it was perfect. I actually liked that it was just the top 50 creatures they might see. Having been to Belize a few times, it can guarantee they will see almost all the fish. And being able to check them off and put notes is a bonus.


What a fun way to engage the family on our upcoming trip! It is simple enough for everyone to use and descriptive enough for more seasoned snorkelers.