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Underwater Spotter

Cozumel Ocean Life Guide

Cozumel Ocean Life Guide

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🐠 A fun way to learn about the top 50 local fish.

🐡 Learn about phenomenal fish behavior you've never heard of before.

🐟 Understand how to identify fish families with easy tricks.

🦈 We challenge you to find ALL 50 fish in the guide.

🐳 Perfect for ocean enthusiasts of all ages.

🌊 Splash resistant cover so it's ready to travel wherever you go.

🐙 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day, no hassle returns.

🌎 We donate 10% of profits to ocean charities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin Armstrong
Dive with New Goals

I have near 300 dives and the books have added a new layer of fun to my dives.
Now I look at the fish in more depth and am excited to check them of in the book. I love the books and plan on buying more.

Samantha Aman
Love This Book!

This book is awesome! The details really help you identify each species and the “fishy facts” help you remember each one with interesting details and behaviors that make them unique. I’m so excited to use this book and its checklist like a “scavenger hunt” on our trip next month. I took pictures of the beautiful color images of each fish and made them into flash cards which was a fun way to memorize each one. I can’t wait to dive, actually know what I’m looking at, and mark each one off as I see them. So fun! I only wish there was a sequel!

Christina F.
Exactly what I needed!

I dive through out the Caribbean and it’s too difficult to try to look up a particular species in an all-inclusive book. This quick reference is just what I needed!